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In the royal kitchens of Rajasthan, food was very serious business and rose to the level of an art-form. Hundreds of cooks worked in the stately palaces and kept their recipes very closely guarded secret. Some recipes were passed on to their sons and the rest were lost forever. It was a matter of great prestige to serve unusual dishes to guests and the royal cooks were encouraged to experiment. The tales of how cooks tried to impress their guests by presenting at least one unforgettable item on the menu have now become legends. The monthly budget ran into millions of rupees and the royal guests were treated mouth-watering delicacies.

General Amar Singh Ji, famous for writing the world's longest continuous diaries, brought out a series of notes on recipes, interestingly even specifying the type of metal utensils for cooking particular dishes. All our hotels offer a fine dining experience and our heritage food & heritage brew is winning hearts. Revival of ancient royal cuisine or “thikana” recipes is an added attraction at our hotels. The special royal thalis served at Narain Niwas Palace are a treat to the soul. Mouth watering special menu is served.

Recipes served are original recipes collected by General Amar Singh Ji during his life time. Most recipes will not be found anywhere else. These are made in complete supervision of the family members - all culminating in once-in-a-lifetime experience for each of our guests. Since 1863, the family of Kanota takes pride in continuing the centuries old tradition of following the original secret recipe in the same traditional way. You can savor specialties ranging from delicious traditional Rajasthani cuisine consisting of delicacies like Daal Baati and Churma.

Chandrahaas, the heritage brew is a blend of natural ingredients of 80 herbs, spices and dry fruits. Distilled and matured in wooden casks which are exotic and stimulative in nature. Once consumed only within the aristocratic walls of Rajasthan's magnificent forts and palaces, the secret brew of "heritage liquor" is now available for the world to guzzle. Peculiar to the beautiful desert state's erstwhile royal families, the entirely herbal liquor has been probably one of our best-kept secrets. For us, sharing a part of our keenly preserved heirloom is a matter of great honour.

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