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All our hotels offer a fine dining experience. Our heritage food and heritage brew is winning hearts all over the world. General Amar Singh Ji, famous for writing the world's longest continuous diaries, brought out a series of notes on recipes, interestingly even specifying the type of metal utensils for cooking particular dishes. Revival of ancient royal cuisine or “thikana” recipes is an added attraction at our hotels.

The special royal thalis served at Castle Kanota are a treat to the soul and are taken out from Kanota family archives at Kanota Fort. Mouth watering special recipes have been collected by Amar Singh Ji from various places and put in 50 hand written books. Most these recipes will not be found anywhere else and are prepared in complete supervision of the family members - all culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each of our guests. Since 1863, the family of Kanota takes pride in continuing the centuries old tradition of following the original secret recipe in the same traditional way.

Special Menu for Groups at Kanota

Mahi Kabab Kanota (Fish pieces cooked with onion, ginger, green pepper, green coriander)
Rava Tikki (Whole wheat porridge, gram flour, green coriander, cumin seeds, dry coriander salt & pepper)
Main Course
Aachari Baingan (Eggs plant with ani seeds, asafetida, cumin seeds, nigella like pickle)
Aloo Bhindi Mokal (Potatoes, lady finger, fibers with spices)
Makka ki Sabzi (Fresh maize cooked with spices)
Do Piyaza Kalia Loabdar (Boneless mutton cooked in cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, onion, ginger, pepper, coriander, salt)
Korma Murgh (Chicken cooked in veg. stock with onion, ginger, green pepper chopped)
Biryani Rumi (Rice cooked with mutton pieces and herbs)
Sewainyan Jafrani (Vermicelli cooked with ingredients and saffron)
Bajre ki Kadhi (Millet flour cooked with fresh garlic stems and other herbs)
Naan Besani (Fine flour, gram flour with curd, milk, cinnamon, and ginger roasted on fire in clay Tawa). It revives sexual power, increases blood and gives fairness and also improves digestion.
Roti Taftan (Fine flour, black cumin seeds, poppy seeds, saffron cooked on fire). It increases digestion.
Dessert / Pudding
Kesariya Bhat (Rice cooked with saffron and sugar)
Halwa Adarak (Ginger cooked with sugar, ghee and fine flour)

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