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Leisure Activities

Rajmahal Palace is a place to leave behind the regular activities and action and enjoy nature at its very best. Besides comfortable stay at the resort, there are numerous activities that one can indulge in. The rustic countryside around Rajmahal provides a unique opportunity for visitors to appreciate and understand Rajasthani culture and way of life. Several quaint villages frozen in time abound.
Major Distances
• Baghera Jain temples :: 50 Km.
• Bisalpur :: 6 Km.
• Bundi :: 67 Km.
• Toda Rai Singh :: 20 Km.
• Tonk :: 79 Km.
Thakur Amar Singh Ji, famous for writing the world's longest continuous diaries, brought out a series of notes on recipes, interestingly even specifying the type of metal utensils for cooking particular dishes. Revival of ancient royal cuisine or "thikana" recipes is an added attraction at our hotels. The special royal thalis served at Rajmahal Palace are a treat to the soul. Mouth watering special menu is served.
Some of the fascinating leisure activities one can indulge in while at Rajmahal Palace are:-
• Sunbathing & cocktails on the river side
• Trekking to the Taragarh fort on Aravali hills
• Boating on the Banas river & Bisalpur Dam
• Morning walk near Banas river
• Visit to the historic monuments and ruins
• A walk through the village
• Interaction with Villagers & experiencing their way of living
• Picnics can be arranged
• Special romantic dinners
• Folk music & dances on request
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