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Online Hotel Booking
Over the past few years, hoteliers have adapted to various sources to receive maximum hotel bookings. Although various studies suggest that more than 20% of hotel’s revenue is sourced from OTA’s (Online Travel Agents), bookings can come from anywhere - it could be from online travel giants such as Expedia, Trip Advisor, hotel’s own website or even the hotel’s Facebook page. Listed are few guidelines that will help hotelier’s website receive more bookings:

Dazzling with lucrative visual content
To enhance online visibility and increase bookings, let the visitors view exactly what they are booking. With various high definition images and instant gratification of a descriptive video displaying the best features of the property, the guest will be able to easily view the type of room they require. Additionally, visual content will enhance hotel’s visual appeal which will further draw the guest in.

Accurate & compelling room description
It is essential that you provide a compelling room description, which will extensively describe the room and amenities offered by the hotel. The detailed room and hotel description will enable the guest to make quick and informed booking decision.

Optimize room rates & enticing booking packages
The room rate is the most important information the traveller is looking for. In the very competitive hotel industry, the best way to attract more bookings is to offer the most optimized and competitive room rates and attractive booking packages. Additionally, while describing the packages, use appealing descriptions like best room with complementary breakfast instead of simply mentioning hotel room with continental package.

Decorate your services & add a little extra
Appeal to the guest by offering a few complementary add-ons like free Wi-Fi and airport pick up. At times, some travellers who are booking from OTA’s visit the hotel website to get information on the hotel. At this stage, you can even draw the guest in by providing enticing deals and packages on booking directly with the hotel.

Provide an exceptional booking experience
Offer your guest a dynamic and efficient booking engine that is flexible yet simple to use. Every hotel has specific target demographics, to get the maximum output select a booking engine that offers a variety in GUI, which is alluring to your target audience. Moreover, a smooth and efficient booking experience will further enhance guest loyalty because the guest may not remember the price he paid, but rest assured he will always remember the ease and efficiency he experienced while booking with you.
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