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A Brief History

Located on the banks of the perennial Banas river with the Aravali hills all around, Rajmahal is a fairy tale destination. The Rajmahal Palace was built about 350 years ago by Rai Singh Sisodia, the great grandson of Maharana Pratap, as his personal resort. He chose this site for his palace because of its scenic beauty and grandeur. Later this area came under the Maharaja of Jaipur who gave the Rajmahal to Rao Shambhu Singh of Duni in 1897 A.D. The first floor of the building was constructed by the Duni family in the 19th century.
Even today Rajmahal offers its guests a unique and magical experience. You can sunbathe and enjoy cocktails on the river side beach front, go for a trek in the Aravali hills, take Boat rides on the Banas river with the local musicians, visit local places of interest or just sit back and enjoy Rajasthani music on the terrace.
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Visitors can enjoy traditional Rajput hospitality at Rajmahal Palace - a property which is being run as a heritage hotel by the Kanota Family. Care has been taken to maintain the traditional furniture and decoration so as to provide visitors an unforgettable experience of the princely Rajput & Rajasthani culture. Rooms & Suites provide all amenities that modern day travelers are accustomed to.
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