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A wedding is one of the most memorable events in the life of a person. It has to be special, it has to be just right decision that lifelong memories are made of. Marriages are made in heaven, but wedding are performed on mother earth and it takes a great deal of detailed planning and painstaking care to make a wedding an event that will be remembered forever. For those with unforgettable wedding in mind, Hotel Narain Niwas Palace offers the perfect wedding destination in Jaipur. This architectural masterpiece is an epitome of a legendary past, showcasing the opulence, valor and courage of the great Rajput rulers.

In addition to the spacious lawns, all the guests get a royal treatment at the hotel. The elegantly decorated well lit palace offers a grand welcome to you and your guests. The presence of elephants, camels and horse’s procession including local folk performers, dancers and musicians, snake charmers, puppet shows, kalbeliyas, dhol walas along with a smart Wedding Band provide no less than a fairy tale wedding experience. In contrast, a sophisticated and close party wedding with DJ and cocktail can also be a part of whole new royal event.

Right from the wedding event planning to the Vidai, Narain Niwas Palace will be there to make the wedding a memorable event. And not to forget, the appreciation by the guests will be all yours. From individual wedding events to a full wedding, Narain Niwas Palace has space and expertise in hosting wedding events. All the weddings are set in perfect ambiance and within perfect setting. Be it then the wedding theme proposed by you or the royal wedding theme arranged by us, Narain Niwas Palace comes out to the best marriage venue in Jaipur.

Special Note: All the arrangement can be made as per the theme of the wedding as well as per the request of the guests.

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