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Royal Weddings
A wedding is one of the most memorable events in the life of a person. It has to be special, it has to be just right decision that lifelong memories are made of. It takes a great deal of detailed planning and painstaking care to make a wedding an event that will be remembered forever. It is the dream of every boy and girl that their wedding venue should be like a fairyland or like a royal palace. Castle Kanota is the place where your search for such a dream venue ends.

Most modern weddings are based on a theme. There are a number of wedding themes like royal wedding theme, fantasy theme, fairytale theme, etc. from which you can select a theme as per your choice and budget. The function of main wedding takes place on the stage, which is beautifully tinted according to the theme of the wedding. We at Castle Kanota decorate the stage according to the wedding theme, and are usually decorated in a royal manner. To have a gastronomers' delight meal, you need a wonderful menu. Castle Kanota offers some sumptuous delicacies as exotic menu for the guests with a blend of traditional Rajasthani, Indian and continental cuisine. And as soon as you decide the menu, the job surpasses to our master chefs, who leaves no stone unturned in serving that mouth-watering food.

Horses and elephants are an important part of any royal wedding in India. When the bridegroom goes to the bride's place, he has to go by a horse and sometimes, by elephant. Castle Kanota proudly arranges everything for you. Not only that, when ‘Baraat’ (bridegroom's procession) comes to the bride's door, then fireworks are used. In order to make this moment a memorable one, we provide some magnificent fireworks. Furthermore, lighting & decoration can be used to create a WOW factor & evoke a mood and create magic. At Castle Kanota, we believe that lighting if used artistically can amplify and emphasize each and every element of decor and take it to a completely different level. Flower gives a new and fresh facet to the wedding. Fresh flowers like rose, orchid, marigold, gerberas, etc. can augment the overall appearance of the traditional and ethnic look and Castle Kanota can do all these with your consent.

Castle Kanota takes care of all your photography and videography needs. We have tie-ups with some of the best professionals who capture all pre-event and post-event ceremonies, apart from the main wedding. You will appreciate that in order to make your wedding the most happening and memorable, arrangement for music & dance is must. Castle Kanota arranges folk dancers to perform in the wedding. With out-of-the-box thinking, we provide a silver chariot for the bride and bridesmaids to ride to site of ‘Jaimala’. In the last, the ceremony of seeing off the bride after the wedding is an emotional moment for the family. We make it all the more poignant with the lilt of the ‘Shehnai’ and transporting her in a tastefully decorated ‘Palki’.
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